Reversal of Vasectomy

Jeremy Crew has been performing vasectomy reversals for over 13 years and has a high level of success and patient satisfaction. The procedure is performed at The Manor Hospital, Oxford .

Prior to the procedure Mr Crew will see you in outpatients to discuss the operation, the success rates and the alternatives to surgery. Much of the information that you need is available in the document from the Royal College of Surgeons, which is attached.

Reversal of Vasectomy Information Document


Bilateral vasectomy reversal is done under general anaesthetic. The time taken for the procedure varies from patient to patient but usually takes between 1-2.5 hours. We recommend that you stay in hospital overnight. Post operatively you should take 10-14 days off work and try to abstain from sexual activity for a similar length of time.

After discharge Mr Crew will review you in clinic after about 4 weeks (included in the cost of the procedure). Mr Crew routinely performs one semen test at 3 months following the surgery. The advice is that you try to conceive for 6 months after the surgery prior to re-testing the semen as sperm production can be intermittent and may take 6 months to appear.

For up to date costs please contact Mr Crew's secretary :

Ms Lily Sheppard

Phone: 07508 617949 or 01865 307433
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